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Finished several rides and rallies each year since 2012, but nothing epic yet.  Hope to get back to NZ and maybe Oz sometime.  And South America again when possible.

(And, Hey!, Joelmir (from Brazil) has received his visa, but his plans to visit in 2016 didn't work out and 2017 isn't looking good, either.)



2016 Dino Ride

Yet another camp-ride around Dinosaur National Monument. Not that I was able to complete the ride, but hey, I gave it a try.  (The X-rays were negative, BTW)

2012 Kokopelli's Trail Ride

(Woo hoo!  Found a backup and was able to recover this report!)

New Zealand and Australia 2011

(YAY!  I managed to recover this one, too!)

For earlier ride reports, see Ride Reports page


More?: Sure, but I'm not taking many photos and not writing the reports as much.



Read the ride report here


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The Great North-to-South Adventure 2008-2009:
Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia:  A motorcycle ride that was once a rare and challenging venture.  Now, many have done it, and although it is still quite the trial (depending on your route selection), it sets no new marks for daring.

Prudhoe Bay, at Deadhorse, Alaska, is as far north as you can ride, 250 miles above the Arctic Circle.  Martin left Colorado for Prudhoe Bay in late May, 2008, first diverting through Moab, Utah.

Six weeks and 13,000 miles later, the first part of the big ride was done!

Ushuaia, on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is the other extreme, and it's as far south as you can ride (barring a short hop to Antarctica).  Martin and Don left Colorado for Ushuaia in early October, 2008, with the goal of being there before the end of the year.  That goal was achieved, and Martin even managed to ride all the way back up to Bogota... eventually.

Read the ride report here

The Prudhoe Bay-to-Ushuaia ride is a pilgrimage of sorts for adventure motorcyclists who gather in Ushuaia each summer between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  We met many other adventure riders there.

Update:  August, 2009

After a total of 43,301 miles, the ride is done.  Not all went well, but overall it was a great adventure and a wonderful learning experience.  Well worth all the trouble and expense.  I might do it again some day.

- Martin

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