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These are the Ronin's favorite sites from the World Wide Web.  The forums are ones he frequents, and the vendors are those he uses and recommends.


  • ADVRider.com
    • A very large, active motorcycle forum, not bike specific, emphasis on off-road and dual-sport riding but everything is included.
  • HorizonsUnlimited.com
    • The largest, most active site dedicated to world travel on a motorcycle.  Riders from all over the world will be here.  Do not be intimidated by the size and scope of this site.  There is a huge volume of information here, as well as a place for blogs, ride reports, forums, and scheduled rider meetings around the world all through the year.
  • KLR650.net
    • The most active Kawasaki KLR650-specific user forum with the largest subscriber base.
  • KLRWorld.com
    • Another KLR650 user site.  Very active forum, well maintained and designed site with some equipment reviews and other info.
  • KLRforum.com
    • Another KLR650 user site.  A smaller membership.  All the KLR forums have some of the same inmates, but each site has a slightly different flavor.
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  • Happy-Trails
    • From their shop in Boise, Idaho, comes well-made accessories for your KLR650 and other bikes.  We recommend their guards, racks and panniers, and they carry other equipment that will outfit your bike for 'round the world travel.  They are a certified vendor of EagleMike's KLR parts.
  • Twisted Throttle
    • Good stuff for the KLR650 and other bikes.  Their crash guards for the KLR650 are probably the best out there right now.
  • Ron Ayers
    • A good site for OEM parts for most bikes.  Usually the best price, but very, very slow to get things shipped out.  Most new OEM parts are going to take a while, anyway.
  • Bike Bandit
    • Like Ron Ayers, Bike Bandit is a good source for OEM parts.  Usually a little more expensive. but sometimes a bit faster in delivery (in our experience).

    Wolfman Luggage

    • Based in Colorado, this is a small shop that makes some of the best bike luggage and bags you will find anywhere.  They are responsive to customer feedback, don't mind showing up at local shops in person, and have an excellent reputation for customer service.
  • TPI
    • A decent site for motorcycle and 4x4 parts and accessories.  They have KLR650 parts, and are a certified vendor of EagleMike's KLR650 parts.
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Still to come...

links to more bike-specific web sites, especially for the KLR650

books related to bikes, travel, etc

links to specific forum threads, other online sources of info


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