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FAQ Table of Contents

  1. Who are you?

  2. Where are you now?

  3. Are you available for sex?

  4. Can I send you money?

  5. Anything else?

  6. Anyone?

  7. Bueller?

  8. Bueller...?

Who are you?

Nobody special.  Retired.  A little bit goofy and a little bit dead serious.  Fun, most of the time.

Read the bio page.


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Where are you now?

Hard to say.  Do you mean, "Where are you, emotionally?" or, "Where are you, existentially?"

If there is a current trip report here, that's all there is to know for the time being.  Otherwise, it's possible that I'm just back at home.  Or passed out under a pool table somewhere.

Or in jail.  Hard to say.

But for goodness' sake, don't tell my wife where I am... okay?  I might have told her a different lie.

You might know where I am at any given moment, or you might know my direction of travel... but not both.   hmmm...   Sounds like an uncertain principle.



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Are you available for sex?


Wait...  What?  Uh, who's asking?


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Can I send you money?

Why, yes.  Yes you can.

And I would gratefully accept your donations via PayPal!

I hope you appreciate the ride report, and the time I put into documenting it all.


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Anything else?



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Send new questions to Martin.  Really!


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