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These are the valiant few; these intrepid paladins of justice and forthrightness who stand resolute against hollow, insidious manipulators, against cowardly sycophants, against self-satisfied posers, and against those who have bad posture and no sense of humor.




Random Thoughts, ideas, musings, and incidental blogging




Martin retired in early 2008, so he has lots of time to manage the various escapades that he has in mind.  He had spent some time in the military, then finished a working career in a public service field that is not important here.  His experimental "retirement beard" seems to be important, though.

What's even more important is that he is now loose upon the world and will likely meet and crash into many people as he stumbles, rumbles, and bumbles along.

Martin enjoys a wide variety of recreational activities (although he sucks at most of them), traveling in various forms, and sometimes just lazing around doing nothing.  He spent a few years in Europe for Uncle Sam, and has visited a few touristy places but has many more places to see before he's done.

Martin is an experienced SCUBA diver, a bad golfer, a dangerous bowler, a decent dart-thrower, a lightweight drinker, a pretty good motorcycle rider, a good teacher and trainer, and a rusty and slow martial artist.  He is legally prohibited from singing or dancing in public, he has no musical ability whatsoever (much to his regret), and he should be avoided on the ski slopes.  He is computer literate and can draw a straight line if he has a straight edge to use.

Mostly, he's a decent guy who can be a lot of fun -- but usually in moderation and sometimes at inappropriate times.







Don is a Klingon in a world full of Ferengi.


Don rode with Martin through Central America and most of the way around South America from October, 2008  through February, 2009.  Don will add to his bio if he ever gets interested enough...



...probably not.




I will likely gather other Errant Ronin along the road of life.  I'll add them as I go, if they meet with my critical approval.


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