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We hope you enjoy these ride reports, we certainly enjoyed riding them!  There will be more reports to come, as time allows, including more imported reports.

Many of these reports were originally posted in one or more online forums, and have been imported for inclusion here.  If imported, there will be some format and content editing to suit this site.


Dirt rides are HERE.  Plenty of ride reports.

Street rides are HERE.  Unfortunately, most of the earlier ride reports that were originally posted on other forums are no longer online and are now lost.  What a shame.  Lots of stories and photos gone.


Featured ride reports:

Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia in 2008-2009
Martin rides to the top of Alaska.  DONE!
Martin and Don ride to the tip of South America.  DONE!
All the way north, all the way south.

Ride back to the Yukon and Alaska, June-July, 2010
Martin and Laurie ride two KLRs over 10,000 miles


New Zealand and Australia, 2011
Martin and Laurie, 4 weeks in NZ, 3 weeks in Oz


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