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First, to clear things up:

errant  [ehr-uhnt] -adjective

1.  deviating from the regular course; straying.
2.  journeying or traveling, as a medieval knight in quest of adventure; roving; wandering.
3.  moving in an aimless or lightly changing manner: an errant breeze.

ronin  [Rō"nin"] -noun     [Jap. ro-, fr. Chin. : wave, drifting + (old sound nin) man.]

In Japan, under the feudal system, a samurai who had renounced his clan or who had been discharged
and had become a wanderer without a master.  The term originated in the Nara and Heian periods.
Later, it came to be used for any samurai who was without a master.

The word ronin today literally means "drifting person".


Now, come join the continuous adventure.
Take me there!



Currently, home for the Errant-Ronin is Colorado, USA.

The Earth is large, and we ourselves are so small that we have a hard time relating to it all.  It seems too much to perceive and relate to.  It can be intimidating.  Therefore, we often tend to settle into and cherish the comfort zones of our neighborhoods and areas that are already familiar to us.  We tend to not seek out new and strange places, and we generally resist the unfamiliar.  And that's just regarding the places on the earth.  Experiencing new people and different cultures is another thing entirely...

Having finished a working career serving the community, the draw now is to go elsewhere, to meet others, to find new adventures and see and experience the places and people that have until now mostly been known vicariously through stories, the media, and other sources.

We are all aware of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, the Great Wall, the Nazca Lines, other great monuments.  We recognize instantly the iconic and unmistakable images of Chitzen Itza, the Colosseum of Rome, the Taj Mahal, and Petra.  Ever been there?  People visit these and other places all the time, but there are so many more places and cultures than we can ever hope to know.

Many of the great wonders of the world are natural, such as Yellowstone National Park, Angel Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, or Ayers Rock.  Other wonders are human achievements.  All are worth experiencing.

With the intent to see and experience as much as possible in this one brief life that we can be sure of, the journey begins in earnest.  Retirement now allows more time freedom, but everything comes at a cost.  Some things will be missed and sacrifices will be made.  One has to be okay with that.

This website has nothing to do with a career that is now well spent, but rather it will focus on what travels and adventures are yet to come.  Like an Errant Ronin indeed... no master to serve and traveling (or not) as whim, desire, and circumstances allow.

Much of the travel to come will be by motorcycle.  Two-wheel travel has become a way of life and has been quite a source of both adventure and misadventure in recent years.  As to the misadventure, the plastic and metal bits get repaired and the minor wounds heal.

Our wonderful memories of thrills, chills, and challenges, however, will remain as long as we do.  That's not saying much, perhaps, but it's all we have.  We exist only insofar as we perceive, remember, and imagine.  Once those are gone, so are we.

So the goal is to add as many perceptions, memories, and imaginings as possible.

Oh, and this site will always be "under construction" to one degree or another.  And since I hardly know what I'm doing, the construction is poorly done.

- Martin


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